Birthday Wishes For Ex-Boyfriend

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages for Mom.

“Although our love story is over, the love and respect I feel for you are enough reasons to greet you for your birthday and wish you the best of luck. Happy Birthday!”.

“My greeting may surprise you, but I assure you it is with the best intention. I only write to wish you a pleased birthday and that you reach happiness in your heart.”

“I didn’t know about you in a long time, but I’m glad to contact you again. Although our love story remained in the past, I am still happy to keep your friendship. Happy Birthday!”.

Ending a relationship with a boyfriend does not necessarily mean ceasing to be his friend. Many couples who end up remain friends or maintain a cordial relationship.

“Having been with you was a beautiful stage in my life that I would never forget, today is your birthday, and I send this greeting with love.”

“With you, I learned many things, and I still have a special affection for you because now I consider you my friend and I wish you a happy birthday with the people you love !!!”

“Although we take different paths, you and I keep a special affection. I wish you a happy birthday next to a person who has happy you. Congratulations!”.

“We can still be friends, I keep you a special affection. I wish you to be pleased in your life and enjoy your birthday with health and happiness.”

“I wish you a happy birthday, you may be surprised to receive this message, but you don’t have to since everything is left in the past and I only keep good memories from you.”

“Today is another year of life, and I wish you a wonderful time because although it is no longer part of your life, I want you to find happiness ..”

“No matter how much time has passed, grudges are a thing of yesterday. I hope you are pleased on your birthday and I will ask God always to protect you.”

“I do not regret ours, I think it was special at the time, but today I appreciate having you as a friend, and I have come to greet you, wishing you success, health, and happiness!”

If you are looking for the opportunity to do so, your birthday may be a good idea for you to remember to greet you and express your best wishes for your birthday.

“Happy birthday, this is a special day, and I could not pass up without expressing my best wishes, have a great time.”

“Ours is already part of the past and today that is your birthday. I wish you have a nice day. Congratulations.”

“We only have good memories about ours, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. I still appreciate you as a friend, and I wish you had a great birthday this birthday!”

“I must accept that our estrangement made me reconsider. Today I see you as a friend, and I’m glad you think the same about me. Happy Birthday!”.

“I send you a birthday greeting, from the bottom of my heart I wish that all your dreams are always fulfilled and even if we are no longer dating, I will always wish the best for you.”

“You and I finished some time ago, but I always remember the days important in your life, happy birthday.”

“The day we finished, we promised to keep our friendship, and that’s why he sent you this message because I consider you my friend, happy birthday.”