First Anniversary Poem For Wife:For Her

First Anniversary Poems for Wife Or For Her: First Wedding anniversary should be marked by romantic poems that symbolize the undying love between you and your Wife. Celebrate your marriage anniversary by writing a romantic First anniversary poem for your wife that revolves around the bond that you share Anniversary  with your wife. Make sure that the poems you choose become the sweetest thing you have ever said to her. Write your poem on greeting card, post it on his Facebook or share it with her and all your friends . Don’t hold anything back and just let your feelings overflow for your wife. From cute moments to funny memories, let your pen ooze out the true love that is deep down inside your heart. Make your First anniversary a heavenly celebration fit for a marriage that is made in heaven.

First Anniversary Poems For Wife

There is a long way
That we still have to go
But I want to take it
Real sweet and slow
Savor each and every
Moment I spend with you
Hoping that you cherish
Such lovely memories too
Let’s bask in the joy
Of counting away
The blessings that life
Gives us every day
Happy first anniversary

Here’s applause for a wife
Who is so thoughtful and caring
Here’s a shout to a woman
So beautiful and so loving
Here’s a toast to a marriage
Truly made in the heavens above
Here’s a cheer to a bond
That is brimming with true love
Happy 1st anniversary

Twelve months have gone by quickly
Since the day we tied the knot
But nothing has changed at all
Just like before, I love you a lot
Moral of the first year of marriage
Is that time may hurry and fly
But nothing will change between us
Is a promise that I will live by
Happy 1st anniversary

An epitome of the perfect wife
That you may be
But a great human being
Is what you are, more importantly
This is what makes you
Not just my soul mate and my lover
But also, a woman who is
The world’s best life partner
Happy 1st anniversary

It hasn’t been smooth sailing
Each and every day
But despite the occasional fallouts
For happiness, troubles made way
We’ve had our fair share
Of fights, quarrels and arguments
But even during temper tantrums
We experienced tender moments
That just goes to show
That we are so compatible
I can’t help myself but say
That we are the world’s best couple
Happy anniversary

Whether it is big or small
Whether it is old or new
Everything in my life
Starts and ends with you
So, in my real life’s GOOGLE
If you were to search for the word LIFE
The first and only result will always be
A picture of you, captioned MY WIFE
Happy 1st anniversary

It has been only 365 days
But it feels like an eternity
Maybe it’s because our love
Was my life’s only destiny
The sands of time
Will keep playing their games
But never, will they ever
Be able to douse our love’s flames
With that in mind I make a promise
My dear, to you today
That the radiance of our love
Will never diminish, come what may
Good Morning Happy 1st anniversary

The demons in my head
The nightmares I’ve had
The things I’ve feared
The habits that drove me mad
All of these have disappeared
Since you came in my life
Everything became meaningful
Since we became husband and wife
Happy anniversary

I’m clueless, I really don’t know
How I managed to get so lucky
The Gods must have smiled on the day
When you agreed to be my wifey
I am just an average guy
But you are a woman, so fine
Even today, I feel blessed to know
That you agreed to be mine
On our first anniversary, this is
The confession I have to make
Our marriage has been
The icing on my life’s cake
Happy 1st anniversary

Since the day when you walked down the aisle
I have been pinching myself to see if life was a dream
Everything seems so perfect, almost unreal
Just thinking about our marriage makes me beam
Tying the knot with you has turned out to be
The best decision I’ve made, by far
My life, what was once a dark night sky
Has now been illuminated by a bright star
Happy anniversary

Brings feelings of delight,
Thoughts of pleasure that you give me
Every day and every night Good Night 

Im grateful for each day and hour;
I thank the Lord above
For giving me the precious gift:
Of your deep, enduring love.

As our lives go on and on,
One thing is always true:
To the very end, I will always wish
For more time, more love with you and I Miss You 

First Anniversary Poems For Her

May all the precious moments
That set this day apart,

Stay with you long after
As keepsakes of the heart

And often through the future
May you relive in thought,

The very many pleasures
This happy day has brought

Congratulations on our 1st Anniversary and I Miss You 

Try writing one of these First Anniversary poems for her on anniversary card. Hide the card in her car for her to find the Good Morning   of your first anniversary. If you want to be a little more romantic,try writing one of these First anniversary poems for your wife down on a piece of pretty card that you sign with a kiss!Whatever you chose to do, your wife is sure to never forget this anniversary.

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