First Anniversary Poems For Couple:Happy First Wedding Anniversary Poems

First Anniversary Poems for Couple: Do you know someone who is celebrating their first wedding anniversary? Then Write a sweet poem on a greeting card to wish them on their happy first anniversary. Whether they are your friends, colleagues, siblings, children or someone you know in the family be a part of their journey together by celebrating their anniversary. Married lives are with highs Good Morning and lows that define a couple’s relationship. First Anniversaries is a day on which they can reflect upon these ups and downs,memories and look back at all the funny incidents of their marriage. Apart from your very own poem, shower the couple with beautiful anniversary poems by this First Anniversary Poems For Couple. Do everything you can to brighten this special day in their lives.

First Anniversary Poems For Couple

You have a lot
To look forward to
You marriage is still
Very brand new
A mix of happy years
Along with sad ones to come
I am sure your married life
Will turn out Good Night to be awesome
Happy first anniversary

You must celebrate
Your first anniversary
With all your friends
Especially me
For I was the one
Who got you both together
It is wasn’t for me you wouldn’t
Have married each other
Happy first anniversary

This special date
In your calendar
Marks the first year
Your journey I Miss You together
Treat your first anniversary
As a gentle reminder
That you both have been made
Only for each other

You make a lovely
Husband-wife pair
For one another
You deeply care
I hope it always
Stays this way
Happy first anniversary
Have a lovely day
Your family will celebrate

Your first anniversary today
But confidantes like us know
You’ve always been this way
A charming and cute couple
You have been since college
A ceremony converted
You relationship into a marriage
Congratulations Anniversary for celebrating
Your first anniversary
We know that you have many more
Anniversaries to see

Be thankful to have
Each other in your
Thank God for making
You both husband and wife
Consider yourselves lucky
To have tied the knot
Be grateful that you both
Love each other a lot
Be happy for celebrating
Your first anniversary
Many more glorious years
You have yet to see
Happy 1st anniversary


You both are no less
Than a celebrity duo
How amazing you are
You don’t even know
You are a rocking pair
Of stunning husband-wife
Who are on their way
To make a beautiful life
Happy first anniversary

The special advantage
Of becoming a couple
Is that your happiness
Becomes double
Grief and sadness
Get divided by two
One shared by I Miss You your husband
The other by you
You’ve completed a year
Of this beautiful circle
May your relationship
Always be so be as special
Happy first anniversary

Your married life
Must be really special
Because you look
Like a seasoned couple
Although your marriage
Has been just a year long
Your bond to everyone
Seems to be really strong
You don’t look like newlyweds
Who act in way that’s immature
Of everything you do
You come across as sure
This is what really makes
Your first anniversary
An evidence of how
Amazing your life will be

Lots of applause
For a wonderful couple
Who have made their
Happiness Iam sorry double
A standing ovation

For a beautiful pair
May you always have
Happy times to share
Celebrations and cheers
For a couple as cute as you
We wish that in your life
Lots of joy is due
Happy 1st anniversary

A year back you were
Too busy planning
Making arrangements
For your lovely wedding
A year has now passed
Since your wedding day
For happiness and joy
It has paved the way
Things will further change
Making time fly by fast
But we’re sure that your
Marriage is built I Miss You to last
Happy first anniversary

Your first anniversary
Is the time to celebrate
For having rewritten
Each other’s destiny and fate
Life wouldn’t have been the same
If you weren’t meant to be
Raise a toast to I Hate You your union
As you bring in your anniversary

You both are as beautiful
As the sunset in the horizon
You are both as glowing
As its tranquil vermillion
You are both as stunning
As the amazing sun
To match your happy marriage
Another couple there is none
May you keep shining bright
May you glow even in the dark
May your marriage always be
Full of that lively spark
Happy anniversary

You are a couple
Who is so sweet
To see you together
Is such a treat
You both look
So compatible
We all think you are
Very adorable
Forever Iam Sorry you are
Meant to be
We wish you
Happy 1st anniversary

Life mustn’t have been the same
After you married each other
It must’ve become more beautiful
After committing forever
So much would’ve changed
Since the day of your wedding
Each moment must have
Become worth cherishing
We wish that your lives keep
Evolving for the better
And that you both always
Stay with each other

Happy Anniversary my love
We made it to one year
You’re the love of my life
And I love you so much, my dear
As we move on from here
I want to make it clear
I’ll be by your side
Each and every Good Night year

Our first anniversary is here already
As our love grows stronger and ever more steady.
Thank you for walking with me each step of the way
With many more to come – I’m here to stay.
I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I,
Knowing we’ll never want to say goodbye.

First Anniversary Poems for Couple

It seems like only yesterday that the two of you were celebrating your wedding with family and friends. You are now celebrating your first anniversary poems for couple with more love for Good Morning each other than the day you met. Congratulations and blessings for many more!

First anniversary messages are meant to be romantic, funny, cool, and loving. If you don’t know what to write on a card for first anniversary, take a look at the ideas from First weeding Anniversary Poems for couple and incorporate them into your own wishes. Write a poem, update your Facebook status, tweet your heart out, or pin your love to wish them a happy first anniversary in a way that they never forgets.

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