Funny Wedding Card Poems : Congratulations for Getting Married

If you’re having trouble coming up with a loving, meaningful or even funny wedding card poems to write in your wedding card then we’re here to help. We understand that it can be difficult trying to think up what to write in a wedding card and getting just the right words that express exactly what you feel, so we’ve put together an extensive resource for every different type of saying or phrase you could want to write in your wedding card.If you’re not sure what to say or want a universal message we recommend you start with the General Card Messages. However, if you want to write your own funny wedding cards poem but need some help or ideas on where to start and what to say then try our Wedding Card Message Writing Tips.

Funny Wedding Cards Poem

Are you trustworthy you can
Take all this hardship
All the reliability
Of a inexperienced connection
Do you think you can
Share your opportunity with someone
Are you organized to forget unacceptable
On your contacts and all the fun
Are you trustworthy you can
Sacrifice what did you say? Is close to you
These questions don’t question
You’ve already assumed, I fix


Another team
Bites the dust
By responsibility what did you say? Each person
At particular direct obligation
By getting married you take part in
Dug your own graves
Congratulations designed for in keeping
Each other’s slaves

be keen on, problem and affection
Self-control be replaced by war
Smiles, winks and shyness
Self-control be replaced by sorrow
Shopping, dating and fine dining
Self-control be replaced by in dispute and fighting
Welcome to a place called torment
Bid your unattached life a final farewell


I always thought you were

A little immature

By getting married

You proved that for sure

I always had an inkling

That you were a tad stupid

And by tying the knot

You’ve just confirmed it



Marriage is like fine wine

Expensive and classy

You expect a good kick

But nothing happens eventually

The futility of the wine

You only realize later

Drinking beer with mates

Suddenly seems much better



The biggest tournament

The grandest match ever

The toughest challenge

The mightiest endeavor

Of your life will now

Shortly begin

In which only the ladies

Are allowed to win



Another couple

Bites the dust

By doing what everyone

At some point must

Marriage will make you

Dig your own graves

Congratulations for becoming

Each other’s slaves


Be sure that you can

Take all this hardship

All the responsibility

Of a new relationship

Be ready for sharing

Your room with someone

And to miss out on

All the joy and fun



The key rule

To keep a marriage happy

Is to always have

A selective memory

Remember all the things

That you both do right

Forget each other’s mistakes

Before going to bed at night

One more secret for having

A joyful matrimony

Is to impose this rule

Only on your hubby



By saying I do

To slavery you have agreed

My friend you have done

Yourself a deadly deed

Just a few months ago

Your life was a party

Now you have succumbed

To a life of drudgery



No more
Late night partying
No more
Random roving
No more
Spontaneous expenditure
Welcome to
Domesticated living


You have taken the path

Of no return

On the road of marriage

There is no U-turn

You have signed up for

A loss-making deal

Your life will now be reduced

To being a hamster wheel



It’s fitting that it’s sunny
As you become a wife
Since from the day that you were born
You’ve been the sunshine of my life

You’ve been the perfect daughter
I couldn’t have asked for more
This comes with love to my Wonderful
Daughter and son-in-law


(Jeremy) have a lovely day
As you enter Paradise
Look out for the girl in the big white frock
You’ll find her very nice

Take your place by her side
Squeeze her hand with a loving touch
Say “I do” and she will too
For she loves you very much

She knows that you love her too
And that you’ll always be her rock
This card, it comes with the fondest love
From the girl in the big white frock


Here’s some more poems for a wedding, alternatively called poems on marriage, wedding invitation poems, poems for weddings or wedding verses

General Wedding Poems Verses Quotes

May you have warm words on a cold evening,
A full moon on a dark night,
And the road downhill all the way to your door.


You will question

You will doubt

You will start thinking

What life is all about

You will become

A philosopher

Thinking about things

That could’ve been better

This is what marriage

Will do to you

You better know what

You’re getting into



While you were dating

Your girlfriend yielded influence

Now that you are married

She will yield pure dominance

By making the rules at home

She will rule over you

I won’t be surprised to see

You being beaten black and blue


Funny Wedding Card Poems

You haven’t just

Exchanged wedding bands

You have tied handcuffs

On each other’s hands

By deciding to

Tie the knot today

Forever in prison

You have chosen to stay



If you have a specific person or occasion you want your message for then use the different categories below to find the perfect phrase, quote or saying for the funny wedding cards poems. Add a humorous twist to your sycophantic greetings. Infuse smiles and laughter in a newlywed couple’s wedding celebrations. Go on a word tease  go wild, draw unacceptable the funniest jokes and the a large amount sarcastic of quotation marks to jot down a squat rhyme with the intention of will lob each person into fits of giggles. Your funny wedding card poem must denote with the intention of  although matrimony is a beautiful journey, it has its shares of ups and downs. From fighting with every other to sharing domestic chores to experiencing romantic moments exhibit the companion and wife how each daylight of matrimony is sweet and unpleasant by the side of the same period.

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