Missing your constant laughter. Feel better soon!

I hope this message finds you already healthy, happy and recovered.

Sending healing vibes in your direction.

Sending you all my love and prayers. Get well soon!

This fever has nothing on you! I know you’ll recover in no time!

Sending sunshine to brighten your day and spirits.

You are in my thoughts and prayers through this time of trials.

May you have many days of laughter and joy in the near future.

Hope your tail is wagging again soon!

I hope these flowers bring a smile to your face and speed up your recovery.

My sweet friend, may you find fast healing each day.

I hope you get plenty of peaceful rest so you can heal quickly!

Your only job right now is to get back on your feet. Let me know if I can help you get there!

Remember to give yourself the gift of time during your recovery.

Your absence creates a void in my day. Get well soon so I can have my friend back!

I look forward to your fast recovery so we can spend more time together!

It hurts me to see you feeling so under the weather. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

My whole family sends their well-wishes for your quick recovery!

The greatest healing tool is friendship. Let me know if I can come over and keep you company!

The world is blue without you. I hope you recover soon so you can fill my world with light again.