Good Night Messages For Wife

Texting Good Night Messages For Wife is the only thing to make her feel your Love, care upon her.  Especially women love Compliments, list some and appreciate your Wife efforts towards your Success with Sweet Good night messages every Night. For a Romantic day, Share your thoughts and add Few Romantic quotes in the Sweet Good Night Messages For Wife and make her feel that there is nothing important than her.

Being your behalf she set right the things every day, She will exhaust doing Breakless works in the home. Message your Wife with Romantic Good Night Messages For Wife in the Gloom and let her feel the bond of love. Marriage is Built for Endless long term relationship, mixed up with all Favours send Humoured funny Messaged for wife and let her know how Cute her Smile is. Pick up the Best Good Night Messages For Wife from below and share it with your wife.

Good Night Messages For Wife

1. During morning you are my sun, which shines my days with gorgeous rays and during night you are my moon which burst all my sorrows with its light. Good Night my love and  I Miss You .
2. The twinkling of stars is temporary bcz they all get disappear when sun rises in the mng but permanent is my heart beat whch beats only for you. Good Night baby.
3. Every night becomes special for me bcz at night you are with me after a long stress during the day. I wish you a very Good Night Messages For Wife.
4. No matter how far i’m from you during the tour but  you how much i misss you and i know you are missing me too. So i’m sending you this good night wish so that you can sleep well.Good Night Messages For Wife. My world in you. Good night love.

10) Beautiful in the morning, pretty at noon and stunning at night, no wonder I can’t let you out of my sight. Good Night Messages For Wife.

11) The night sky of my life just has one star – YOU. Good night baby.

12) If there was a fast forward button in the video tape of life, I would skip the days to be in your arms every night. Good night dear.

13) To my sweetest dream, prettiest fantasy, loveliest thought and dearest wife – good night.

14) Until mobile phones are enabled to transmit moist kisses, tight hugs and sizzling touches, here’s wishing you a good night with a few loving words. Good Night Messages For Wife.

15) There is one vicious circle of life I never want to get out of – spending romantic nights with you after every single day. Sweet dreams sweetheart.

16) I don’t care if the sun doesn’t set, I don’t care if the moon doesn’t shine. I don’t care if the world stops spinning, as long as I am yours and you are mine. Good Night Messages For Wife.


17) Eight hours of sleep are not enough for me. I need more time to enjoy cuddling in bed with my wife. Good night darling.


18) The most beautiful thing about every night is not the stars being with the moon or cool breeze being with the clouds, but you being with me. Good Night Messages For Wife.


19) The length and breadth of the galaxy may be full of shooting stars, protostars, red giant stars or neutron stars. But the length and breadth of my life has only one star – you. Good night.


20) You are the rose that makes the garden of my life beautiful, fragrant and complete. Good night sweetheart.


21) Every night, I look forward to snuggling with my comforter – which is you. Good night.


22) Day turns into night and night turns into day because the earth revolves on its own axis. But my life goes on because I hinge on an axis called My Wife. Good night.


23) Good night is too bland a greeting for a woman who makes my nights amazing. I love you and I am Sorry .

Good Night Messages For Wife

24) A sweet good night message after a fight may not wash away my unworthiness in your eyes. But it will make you believe that spending our lives together is life’s best prize. Sorry and good night.


25) My mornings are about thinking how soon the afternoon will arrive. My afternoons are about waiting for evenings to come. My evenings are about running a countdown until the night – all to take a beautiful wife like you in my arms and feeling the warmth of true love. Good Night Messages For Wife.


26) Most people end their day with their heads rested in the warmth of their pillows. I end my day with my head rested in the warmth of my wife’s embrace. Good Night Messages dear Wife .


27) With every passing day, my hopes become brighter, ambitions become stronger, love becomes deeper and heart grows fonder – only for you. Good night and sweet dreams.


28) Sometimes stars shine bright, sometimes they are dull. But in the way I love you and pamper you every day, there will never be a lull. Good night.


29) Evening, afternoon, night or day – I think of you every minute, in every possible way. Good night, I love you.


30) The body recharges itself at night in the warmth of a good night’s sleep. But I sleep so that my heart can recharge itself in the warmth of a beautiful woman who I call my wife. Good Night Messages to my Wife .

31) Romantic hugs and naughty tugs, cute cuddles and long kisses, is how I wish good night to my beautiful Mrs.


32) The end of one more day signifies yet another beautiful paragraph that has been added to the book of my life. Good night darling.


33) The sigh of relief I heave when I lay on my bed every night does not suggest how exhausted I am, but how exhausted I would be with my life if not for you. Good Night Messages for my Wife .


34) May the darkness of the night become a blanket for our ecstasy. May the radiance of the moon throw light on all the happiness we are yet to see. Good night and I Miss You .


35) As harsh as the sun may be during the day, just having you in my arms at night will soothe all the stress away. Good night sweetheart.

Even you are far from her for the business trip send Good Night Messages for Wife and make her feel how much you miss here. Share Romantic banter Messages & quotes to make more romantic between you & her. There a chance to Improve the bond of love for your lovely wife with Sweet Good Night messages with all hugs, kisses & love to your wife. Pick up a Good Night Messages For Wife right up to your Mood and don’t wait for it to share to your Wife this Night.

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