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Happy Birthday Poems For him Writing a happy birthday poems for your boyfriend is easier than you think. Just think of all the love and the memories that you share with him, and the romantic things you want to say to him. Weave this all together in a sweet rhyme and write Get Well Soon a happy birthday poem for him on a card. Post a happy bday poem for him on Facebook if you want to, let all your friends read it. A cute happy birthday poem is the perfect way to express yourself for him. There is no point of being in a relationship if you are not making any efforts to make Love Messages your boyfriend birthday special.These Happy Birthday Poems For Boyfriend are very safe to send since it has happy verses.

Happy Birthday Poems For Boyfriend

Every Candle You blow today,I will make a wish and pray,I wish you stay sweet and play,May your love for me never go away,May we stay together always,I Want You Wishing you a happy Birthday I love you <3

This Birthday love poem is for special one Who has a place special place in my heart This is for one who touches my heart with love I wish him a happy Birthday with this special one.Happy Birthday Sweetheart

You are my future which who I Have planned my whole life.Undoubtedly you are the one with whom I want to spend my whole life.You open my heart so well That why I can focus on you so well Time with you is always miracle,So, I am making your birthday celebration magical.Happy birthday, dear, I love you!!Sweeter than cake,And best in taste,Fierce in passion,That can easily melt your heart,Love is so strong,Easily fill you with romance,My love for you,Increasing each and every day,I love you,I Like You Happy Birthday!

Today I celebrate you.
On this special day when you entered the world,
How was I to know you’d rock my world?

Your smile, your touch, the way you love me,
I never knew……until you
What a relationship could be.

So I celebrate you.
My friend, my love.

I celebrate you.
The beautiful person that you are.

I celebrate you.
Because I’m the lucky one, by far.

So as you celebrate one more year.
I’m celebrating you, my precious dear.

I love you.

Always………. I Miss You


Sweeter than anything,
I will ever taste,
Passion so fierce,
I can just melt away,
An ache so strong,
It fills my every thought,
My love for you,
each moment, each day.

Happy birthday! I Miss You

It’s your birthday, but I’m the lucky one.
Everyday, I indulge in the gift of you.
Your smile still blows me away…..
Your happiness means the world to me.

Yes, I enjoy the gift of you.
Your birthday simply magnifies what I feel
and how much I appreciate what we share.
Nothing compares I Miss You.

So on your special day, I thank you.
Thank you for what you give to me.
You fill me up and make me whole.
There is not a gift in a world more valuable
or precious than you…..

So Happy Birthday, Sweetheart I Love You.

No love is sweeter,
No love is crazier,
No love is sillier,
No love is rawer,
No love is needier,
No love is hotter,
No love is nicer,
No love is cozier,
No love is truer,
No love is softer,
No love is fuller,
No love is deeper,
No love is lovelier,
Than my love for you.
Happy birthday, my love I Am Sorry!

Happy Birthday Poems For Boyfriend

Happy Bday to the boy,Who is reason of Every day’s sweet dreams.Who is reason of Full day blushing Good Morning Who is reason of Full day smiling Who is reason of My lovely life.

I don’t know what magic you did But I can’t stop falling in love with you,You are my life and want to be your wife,Just because of you, I forget all my worries of life,Happy Birthday Darling,Let’s cherish this moment of life.

Happy Birthday to my boyfriend Who flies on my dream daily,Who change my life totally,Who make the time walk slowly,I am so thankful to you For being mine and only mine Your relations will bring the sunshine Happy Birthday, Dear BF.

You are my present and become my future,You are the most lovely and romantic creature,You change so well That my heart safely dwell,You are like a magician,You steal my heart with perfection,I Am Sorry Happy Birthday my Love!

May we always Stay together May there be no reasons To leave each other May no one can make Us keep apart May Even God bless us With love and romance I love you from Bottom of my heart!Happy Bday Dear!!

It is your birthday, But I am the one who feels the luckiest You are like a gift to me direct from GOD,Your smile on face gives me the inspiration to live,Good Morning Your happiness means a lot to me.

we people meet, the attraction surfaces, and something begins to happen.
A spark jumps to life, developing into a slow burning flame.

Before you know it, that slow burning flame smoulders into something more.

On your special day, I want you to know that you’re my something more.
As we continue to travel this incredible road, I look forward to experiencing more.

Most of all, I realize I only want to travel this road with you.

Happy Birthday My Love.

Your love for your bf can be express with the help of these happy birthday poems.Showcasing your love in the form of Poetry have a different level of feeling. So, In this happy birthday poems for him we are going to share Happy Birthday Wishes some romantic Happy Birthday Poems for Boyfriend on his Bday. If you are looking for happy birthday poems for bf to bring humor in your cards then you can also grab from these birthday poems. These Birthday Poems can melt him. These bday poems are loaded with verses that can make him smile. That’s why your boyfriend who receives them will surely appreciate them. You can send these Happy Birthday Poems For him,your friends, colleagues and relatives.

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