Happy Birthday Poems for Dad

Happy Birthday Poems for Dad Wish your dad a Happy Birth day with a sweet poem that reminds your father of all the cute memories and funny moments your father has shared with you. You don’t get a chance to express your feelings every day but your father’s birthday with these birthday poem is when you can really make your fathers birth day special. It will bring tears to a dad’s eyes when he reads a beautiful happy birthday poem written by his own daughter or son. Post happy birth day poem for  dad on Facebook, send it  I Miss You  by email, write Happy Birthday Poems for Daddy on a card or send it as a text – do whatever it takes to make your daddy who gave you the childhood you deserved, feel the love that your daddy deserves. He held you in his arms and carried you on his shoulders… giving your dad something to smile about, is the least you can do.  I Miss You 

Happy Birthday Poems for Dad

Every year, your birthday reminds me
how grateful I am that you are my father.
With all that’s going on in the world today,
I’m thankful I get to watch you,
to look up to you, being an example of a good man.
What a privilege it is to observe your strength,
your competence, and your kindness.
I am so blessed to be under your wing,
your protection, your care,
learning important life lessons from you.
If all fathers were like you,
the world would be a very different
and much better place.
Happy Birthday, Dad,  I Miss You
from your admiring son/daughter.

You’re someone who
is loved so much for
all the things you do ..
So may you find your
birthday brings, the
best in life to you.

Because this is a special day
this wish is special too ..
May you enjoy a perfect day
in every way, for you.

Thoughts of you are always warm
and filled with so much pride ..
With all the loving memories
to cherish deep inside. I Love You

This card brings many wishes
much more, than words could say ..
For you deserve the very best
today and every day.

A greeting couldn’t hold more love
than this one sent your way ..
to wish you all the special things
on this very special day.

There can’t be anybody who
is thought of more than you ..
Or considered more deserving
of good wishes, warm and true.

This card is sent with love to
bring you happiness and cheer ..
To celebrate you birthday
the best day of the year.

Loving and giving, is my Dad
He’ll go that extra mile ..
Without ever complaining
on his face, always a smile.   I Am Sorry

You know, I feel so lucky
having a wonderful dad, it’s true
So now it is your birthday
I send loving wishes to you!

Happy Birthday Dad

You’ve overlooked
My mistakes, day after day
To you, I know
I have much to repay
To such a father
So lovable and dear
I wish an awesome life
Year after year
Happy birthday

Be brave and be honest
Be true and be bold
To me as a child
This is what you always told
Everything you said
I’m glad I listened to
I feel thankful for having
A dad like you  I Am Sorry

Dad do you remember
when I was a little tot ..
You played lots of games with me
and read to me a lot.

Now that I’ve grown older
it’s you, I come to see ..
Because you are my lovely Dad
who means the world to me.

Because you are so great, Dad
you’re wished for nothing less ..
Than a Birthday that is perfect
and filled with happiness.

Have a wonderful Birthday Dad.

A Dad gives hope
when life is low ..
A Dad’s a place
where you can go.

Happy Birthday Poems for Daddy

A Dad is honest
a Dad is true ..
A Dad is precious
my DAD is YOU!

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is your Birthday Daddy
a special day for you ..
It’s time to eat some special treats
with hats and whistles to.

Then put your feet up Daddy
and take a little break ..
we have presents for you too
and a yummy Birthday Cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy I Love You

Some fathers are just father figures;
A real father is still very rare;
That’s why I value so highly
The father/son/daughter bond that we share.

I’m blessed to have a real father,
Who displays his love with such ease,
And that’s why I say on your birthday,
I love you more than a mouse loves its cheese!

Happy birthday to the best dad I know,
A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties
To teach, to guide, to protect.   I Love You

If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design.

Happy birthday dearest Dad
you deserve the best ..
For you will always be, to me
a mile above the rest.

You do so much for others
whoever is in need ..
Always willing, to lend a hand
and doing a good deed.

So I hope that on your birthday
you’ll let others show they care ..
By all the cards and gifts they give
and all the love they share.

Birthday is special event of every person. Especially, your Father’s birth day is more important. It’s the time for all family members to celebrate with your father. Besides that, you can wish your father a Happy Birth day with a touching happy birth day poem that reminds him of all the happy memories and funny moments your dad has shared with you and family. Here are some touching happy birthday poems for dad that we have. You can choose a good poem in one to send it to your daddy.Birthday poems to write in your Dad’s Birthday Card – Say Happy Birthday Dad with these Happy Birthday Poems for Daddy. Birth day is a very important date to remember each year and is a great day to tell your father how much you love and appreciate  Happy Birthday  him with a beautiful birth day poem.

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