Happy Birthday Poems For Husband

Your husband birthday is the perfect time to show him how much you love by sending Happy Birthday Poem For Husband so that he knows how he means to you. As a wife, you can send him a Happy Birthday Poems For lovable hubby. On his birthday, ping him on Facebook and send him a few flirty poems if he is going to be at work. Share a poem to the old photograph or a funny selfie from your dating days. Caption it with a cute poem to make his heart melt by reading the happy birthday poem for him. Do everything to ensure that his bday poems for him turn out to be awesome and memorable Happy birthday poems for him.

Happy Birthday Poems For Husband

who is the reason behind my smile?
You are more precious than a diamond,
and you make my life worthwhile.
Meeting you was the best thing,
that has ever happened to me.
You were my Good Night prince, and now the king,
and forever will be!
I will love you,
throughout my life,
and in the hereafter too

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the best husband,
in the whole wide world,
and I would never trade you,
for any amount of silver or gold.
Still, my heart does the flip-flops,
whenever I look at you,
and I will love you for an eternity,
just like you love me too.
May this day shower I Miss You you
with abundant happiness!

Happy Birthday

The way you’ve supported me through all the ups and downs,
The way you’ve listened to me, understood me when I needed it the most,
I’ve discovered the most amazing friend in you.
Thank you so much for being you, and Happy Birthday!


Moments of joy you’ve given me
Are pearls of my life’s garland.
You’ve made things so beautiful…
Happy Birthday for my dear Husband


Our memories more colorful than springs,
Our togetherness a Anniversary  diamond mine,
You turn moments to precious paintings,
Be it a cup of coffee, be it time we dine,
When you remember the smallest things,

Happy Birthday


When my smile makes your eyes shine,
I feel like happiness has given me wings,
That I can actually fly and be on cloud nine.
On your birthday, my heart simply sings
Songs of joy, so glad that you’re mine.

Happy birthday to the most caring husband.


Holding your hand warms my heart.
Kissing your lips ignites my soul.
Making a promise, never to depart,
I rely on you, to make me whole.
Another year, and First anniversary another birthday,
an additional candle lights up the cake.
Need not to count those candles today,
So just enjoy the poem they make!
May this birthday be the best day of your life!
Happy Birthday my dearest husband

Even today, when I look at you,
I feel the butterflies dancing in my tummy.
Even today, when you look at me that particular way,
My heart starts beating twice as fast.

Happy Birthday to my world’s best Husband

Even today… I would stop writing now, ’cause
I’ll give you this note
In the middle of celebrations tonight,
And I want the celebrations to last…
Happy birthday to the  I Miss You savior of my romantic dreams!

You are my every dream come true,
My wish granted from high above,
Waking up every morning with you
Is like falling once again in love,

On your birthday, I want to cherish
Memories we’ve created till now,
As much as I plan to nourish
Our glorious dream to fulfill each vow.

Happy birthday to my husband, Iam sorry who keeps the romance in me alive always.

It’s your birthday,
Another day to realise,
That time is flying away…
Another day acting as a measure
Of this wonderful time we’re having together,
Another day when I should let you know in writing
Along with whispering in your ear with a sigh,
That I love you more and more as time goes by.

Happy Birthday to my romantic husband

To my husband who is fortunately the love of my life,
Happy Birthday, Love

I don’t want to wish you a happy birthday.

You’ve made my life so sweet, that I wanna wish you
A Honey B’day!

Happy birthday to my passionate,
and ever loving soulmate.
You have bewitched my heart,
from the very first day.
Whereas no other, handsome or smart,
could win me in any way.
Was it your eyes,
that rooted me I Miss You to your soul?
Or was it your voice,
that makes me alive and whole?
Perhaps it’s everything about you,
that makes me feel the way I do!
Happy birthday once again my husband!

I wish your birthday, Sweetheart,
Would happen every day,
So I could celebrate you
With a compliment bouquet.

Happy Birthday Dear sweet husband

I’d say you’ve made I Hate You me happy
Just by being you;
Your (feminine/masculine) charm delights me
In everything you do.

Happy birthday

Your birthday is so special,
I wish I had the chance
Each day to show I love you,
With tender, sweet romance.

I guess I’ll just Iam Sorry pretend
Every day’s the day of your birth,
Another opportunity
To show you these poems all you’re worth!

Happy Birthday to my lovable husband


Happy Birthday Poems for Husband: Husband birthday is the best time to show him how much you love him. Birthday is a very special day for him. As a wife, you must be looking for some “romantic birthday poem for husband”.Wishing happy birthday poems for him on various occasions such as on his birthday. Having a caring and loving husband means you are blessed by God.

Life is so wonderful with the one you feel being loved by him. If you are the one who gets a wonderful person as a husband, you should feel him loved also. It would be great if you do love or find useful any of the birthday poems for your husband. You may share these Happy Birthday Poems For him by sending on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or any other of your favorite social media.

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