I Hate You Messages For Her

If you Feeling heartbroken, lonely & sad send I hate you messages for her express the how your relationship ended. You will be Messaging her daily but she is responding and Moving on a breakup, Such hate things are not easy gag out your pain on her and the whole will be sent through hate Messages to her. Don’t wait for the moment shows how much you hate her by I Hate You Messages For girlfriend.

Meanwhile, you can Express your hated feelings for on her by writing I Hate You Messages for her which will mirror the sadness. Enough quarrel pettily for the hating things among her you will have been messaged her directly about the things. Hate messaging is enough to her to state I hate you and to let her know how much you hurt because of her. Send the I Hate You Messages For Her by picking from the below.

I Hate You Messages For Her

Dear ex-girlfriend I wrote you cute blog posts and sent you flirty tweets To show that for you, my heart always beats I uploaded cute pictures of us on Instagram and Facebook So everyone could see, how adorable a couple we look

I wrote you beautiful poems and limericks And to woo your heart, I used so many tricks But the only thing you returned back to me Was an epic tale of lies, cheating and jealousy I Want You I hate you

Your makeup does not increase your beauty It only hides all your sins and the vice Your dresses don’t make you look pretty They hide all your flaws to make you look nice Your hats don’t make you look like a fashionista They hide all the bad thoughts in your head Your stockings don’t make your legs look a diva They simply hide their whereabouts in another man’s bed

I hate you Dear ex-wife I feel so sick from inside That I ever called you my wife I feel so horrible from within To think that you were in my life I feel pale when I think That I promised to love you forever I feel a strong sense of regret When I think about you cheating, and I shiver I feel disgusted and gross

To know that you never thought of me I feel angry and frustrated When I think about how you betrayed, so easily I hate you


The word dislike is too mild For a woman like you who is shrewd The word disgust is too weak For a woman like you who is so rude The word loathe is too soft For a woman like you who betrays The word despise is too kind For a woman like you who goes astray The word disrespect is too plain For a woman like you who mistreats Actually, the word hate is perfect

For a woman like you who cheats Good night


You are not worthy of a diamond ring You are actually not worthy Of anything You are not worthy Of a second of my time You are not worthy Of even a single dime You are not worthy Of being given a second glance You are not worthy Of getting a second chance I hate you

I Hate You Messages For Girlfriend

The system of my life got infected with a virus called You which corrupted my memory, deleted my emotions, formatted my feelings and spammed my heart with hate. I hate you.


It is easy to describe our relationship in accounting terms: The cost of being in love has become a big expense to me after a girl like you broke my heart. But a lifelong liability, depreciating self-respect and negative goodwill is the price you will pay for breaking my heart.


The funny thing about our breakup is that I always thought that you were cheating on me. But I allowed my heart to convince my mind into believing otherwise. Good Night I hate you.


Happiness is indeed, a very relative concept. I found my happiness in giving my love you to, while you found your happiness by being in another man’s bed. I hate you.

We both wanted happiness. But the only difference between me and you is that I was seeking happiness by making you happy, while you were seeking happiness by making another guy happy. I hate you.


Now I understand what was happening when we used to kiss. I felt alive when you kissed me but you were actually sucking the life out of me. I hate you.


You left me for a guy because you preferred money over love. I can’t wait for the day when that guy leaves you, because he preferred love over lust. I hate you.


You cheated on me, lied to me and broke my heart. What did I do? I just called Karma and gave your address. I hate you and I hope Karma gets to you soon.


I don’t hate you just because you broke my heart. I hate you because you trampled all over it, punctured it and left it to rot in the ugly world of loneliness Sorry.

Some people lie, some people cheat. Some people are manipulative, some people are evil. Some people betray, some people break hearts. You are truly an all-in-one since you are a liar, cheater, manipulative girl who did an evil thing by betraying me and breaking my heart. I hate you.

Why did you have to lie to me all this while when you could have just told me that you didn’t love me. Yes, it would have broken my heart but at least I would still have my respect and dignity. I hate you.

I Hate You Messages For Her will show the hated things which she used to cheat on you. She betraying your trust and breaking your heart send a Hate you to her through messager and let him feel the Pain of your heart. You have been sending hate messages to her to let her know the pain. If she is trustworthy and keeps cheating by messaging others then simply send the I Hate You Messages For Her.

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