I Miss You Poems for Bestfriend

When friends are forced to be apart from each other for whatever length of time, it will be a difficult period for the two of them. They will be forced to go through their normal routines apart from each other. Each one may miss the qualities that the other contributed to the friendship. There is a saying that, i miss you poems for bestfriends “absence makes the heart grow fond”. This may be an opportunity for each of them to realize how important each one is to the other’s life. They will send i miss you poem for bestfriend to each other, and long for the time when they can be together again.

I Miss You Poem for Bestfriend

I’m stripped naked and I’m bare
Yet not a minute you will stare
I’m sure you know all about me
There’s nothing new for you to see
That’s what friendship is about
I’m never overcome with doubt
I love and I miss you so much
Am hoping for your gentle touch…


My friendship is a crowd
So my friend wear it with proud
Time may keep us away
But we will meet again someday
A friend with a strong bound
Or a lifetime brother I found


My best friend has gone away
No more will we laugh and play
No more games and whispered secrets shared
No more comfort knowing she cared

My best friend is dead and gone
Never again to tag along
With me to the park or mall
Or have a sleepover or do anything at all

I wish that I could have said goodbye
Told her I would miss her; somehow I must try
I have so much left to say
I know! I will write my goodbye and send it her way

In a note written down, then sent by fire and flame,
In a bottle on the sea, or a gift by her grave
Or perhaps I will whisper it, and send it on a prayer
And imagine her reading it and knowing I care

My best friend has died, nothing that can change.
But at least now I have said goodbye
Farewell, dear friend; I will hold your memory in my heart
So as long as I live, we are never truly apart.


we’ve always been together,
we did everything with laughter,
we thought it was forever.

when I was in danger
you knew how to ease my fear,
you were always there to be my savior.

at first we were strangers,
until we became closer,
and now we are together.

but time flows like a river.
it became complicated and faster,
until we realized that we’re older.

and that is what is keeping us apart,
I was here,
and you were there.

but I know we still care,
but our friendship slowly fades in the air,
how can it be so unfair?.

can “our past” be also called “our future?”
because I don’t want to surrender
the memories we’ve shared together.

 I know that miles and distance don’t matter in friendship. But who’s going to explain that to my heart? I miss you.


If I could write a book right now, it would be titled 1000 ways to miss your BFF. I miss you.


I don’t care whether it is Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, every moment is boring and gloomy when my friend is away. I miss you.


I always order two cups of coffee when I go out. Even the sight of an extra cup lying across the table makes me smile… because it reminds me of the time when you were here. I miss you.


The only thing stopping me from feeling blue, are all the selfies I took with you. I miss you.


Life moves on, but memories don’t. You may have gone away but our friendship is right here… in  my heart. I miss you.


If thinking about every beautiful memory that I share with you was equal to traveling one mile, then we would practically be sitting next to each other right now. I miss you.


Being away from you has brought a definitive and hurting twist in my life’s story. First it was full of happiness and now it is drowning in melancholy. I miss you.


What’s the point if life rips two friends apart, leaving them to make new friends from the start. There is no point of going through this rigmarole, because life without friends is like living without a soul. I miss you.


Someone should quickly make a law that requires friends to spend a certain minimum amount of time together before going away, and that time should be FOREVER. I miss you.


Kayleigh you
where my best friend
my only special school
friend the one I looked up to
the one that defended me
the one that tackled all
the nasty people
who judged me

I Miss You Poems For Bestfriends

Summer people love summer,
longing to feel the nurturing sun caressing their bodies in sensual heat.
Temperatures soaring, I wear an upside down smile,
lethargy seeps into my soul from behind mirrored vision.
Months flitter by held in eternal light,
summer seeks its zenith,
under a final flash of colour death seeks an audience.

Missing a friend can be a painful experience. You might find yourself feeling lonely and depressed from it. Writing i miss you poems for bestfriend might be the best way to help with being able to overcome the pain you are experiencing right now. There might be many reasons as to why you are missing your friend. Your friend might be away on vacation, passed away, or maybe the two of you could just not be talking to each other. Think back to the good and bad times. How To Write I Miss You Poem for Bestfriends involves taking your emotions, special memories you remember and penning a poem from it. If you have a hard time with writing a poem then look at some of the Missing You Friends Poems here on AP penned by other members and be inspired.

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