Like You Messages For Him

I Like You Messages For Grilfriend/Boyfriend

I don’t know the difference between LIKE and LOVE but I’d sure like to find out, with you.

My selfies are dull and boring. They are missing a spark called… YOU. I like you.

I wish that real life was like Facebook so that I could just click a button to tell you that I like you.

 I always wanted a tall, dark and handsome guy to come and sweep my off my feet. But I wouldn’t mind if he was someone exactly like you either. I like you.

This is to let you know that I don’t overuse makeup. It’s just that I blush a lot when I’m with you.

Whenever you smile at me, my heart skips a beat and my eyes start to flutter… hoping that I Like You too, is what your lips will utter.

Astronauts are not the only folks in the world who have been to the moon and back. I go over the moon every time I see you… I like you.

I can’t pinpoint if it is your adorable messy hair, cute eyes or your handsome smile – but one of these is keeping me awake at night. I like you boy.

Don’t you have dreams of your own? Stop harassing me by coming into my dreams every night. I like you.

At first I was smitten, when I saw you. Then I was excited, when I kept thinking about you. But now I am nervous, as I confess that I like you.

I have fallen ill with a disease which is making me crush on you. I just hope it is contagious so that you have a crush on me too. I like you.

This encrypted message is for the handsomest boy I’ve ever seen…

Just like how a princess kisses the frog to turn him into a charming prince, I kiss my pillow every night before I sleep, hoping that it will turn into you. I like you.

Your dreamy eyes are the only drug I want to get high on. I like you.

During the day, I see you around in class. At night, I see you in my dreams. But still… I can’t get enough of you. I like you.

You are much more than just dreamy… you are intoxicating. I like you.

Life had a specific purpose in introducing you to me. Can we spend more time together so that I can figure out what that purpose is? I like you.

Thinking about you doesn’t give me reasons to smile. But it makes me smile without any reason. I like you.

After I met you, I have found a few new hobbies which include doodling your name, staring at the ceiling and gazing aimlessly at the night sky. In short, I like you.

First you came into my school. Then you came into my class. And now you have come into my heart. You are sneaky, and I like you.