I Miss You Poems for Wife

It is a funny misconception that men don’t miss their wives when they are apart. Guys may find it difficult to express themselves, I Miss You Poems for Wife but that should not be mistaken for being cold-hearted towards their better halves. If you can relate to this and you are missing your wife you can send text use words Miss U Poems for Your Wife when she is at work or traveling for business, write I Miss You Poem for Wife to say how much you are missing her. You can also Post  on Facebook & send them to her in text messages and emails. Remember that expressing your love for your wife will not make you seem any less tough.

I Miss You Poems for Wife

1) The only reason

Why I never become sad

Even when I miss you

In a way that is real bad

Is because I know

From deep down inside

That even when you are away

Your love is always by my side

I miss you


2) Men cover up by acting

All strong and macho

They do miss their wives

It’s just that they don’t show

But I have no qualms

To admit and confess

That without my wife

My life is worthless

I miss you


3) Like how a mouse misses its cheese

Like how a dog misses its bone

I too feel disheartened

When I am alone

Like how a cat misses its milk

Like how a squirrel misses its nut

Without you my dear wife

Life feels like a horrid rut

I miss you


4) When you are away

I can see neither night nor day

When you are gone

I am totally forlorn

When you are out of town

I feel low and down

When you aren’t there in bed

I feel lifeless and dead

I miss you so much sweetie

Please come back soon to me

5) You must be following

What I’ve been posting on Facebook

The hurt and pain is actually

A lot more that it looks

You must have been reading

My tweets that reek of solitude

Even a small bit of your absence

From life is like a long interlude

You must be checking out

My pictures on Instagram

They show how lonely I am

And how life is a sham

So please come back soon

Your hubby needs you badly

Can’t do without you anymore

I miss you, my dear wifey


6) Why do you have to go

Away from me every morning

Why do I have to work

All the way until evening

I wish I could spend all day

On the couch with you watching TV

I wish we could just be snug

With your arms around me

I miss you


7) It doesn’t matter if you are gone

For a minute, an hour or a day

When you are not around

I can’t manage to keep stress away

Even if you are out of my sight

For a split second or less

It becomes a reason enough

To invite unhappiness

Your hugs and your kisses

I miss and crave like crazy

I just want you to

Come back in my arms sweetie


8) You know I miss you

I know you miss me

But there is nothing

We can do about it baby

Soon, very soon again

We will unite

Hold on until then

Everything will be alright

I miss you

9) I did not know

The real worth

Of your kisses until

There was a dearth

Your absence has made me

Understand your value

Everything is crumbling apart

Because I am missing you

Your not being here

Has made me realize

That being away from you

Brings tears to my eyes


10) To my dear wife…

From what to eat for lunch

To what to do after dinner

From when to pick up kids

To a long and lonesome shower

From what to do on the weekend

To wondering how to entertain guests

From what to watch on TV

To how to relax and rest

For every single thing in life

I need your company

Without you I am so clueless

So desolate and lonely

I miss you

11) You are obsessively etched

In my dreams and my thoughts

When you are away from me

I miss you a lot

You are gloriously embossed

Deep down inside my heart

I feel so depressed

When we are apart

You love is elaborately painted

Across every part of my life

The one who makes my heart beat

Is you, my dear wife


12) Missing you daily

Has become an obsession

Missing you continuously

Has become a fixation

Missing you non stop

Has become my hobby

To be back from work

How long will you be, honey

I miss you


13) I miss your love very much

Along with your loving touch

I miss your presence a lot

Whether you do or not

I feel so down and out

In frustration, I might even shout

I feel so sad and miserable

My condition is really pitiable

Everything feels so lonely and gloomy

Baby, don’t you miss me


14) Being away from you

All this time

Seems like a punishment

For the biggest of crimes

The state of my mind

Is sad and depressed

My heart is feeling

Lonely and oppressed

I want you to come back

Not later, but now

Because baby I am

Missing you and how

I Miss You Poem for Wife

15) I have made plans that are

Very elaborate

When you come back I want to

Chill out and celebrate

We’ll stay in all day long

Or take a weekend getaway

We’ll open a bottle of bubbly

Or take a holiday

We’ll do whatever it takes

To be with each other

And catch up on the precious time

That we’ve lost together

I miss you


When you and your partner are far away from each other, it is a good idea to send one of our I Miss You Poems For Wife. This is just a simple thing to do but it can change the mood of your beloved man completely. It is not difficult at all to make your man feel special I Miss You Poem For Wife Even if you can’t be together right now you should not forget that real love. Husband-wife relationships are all about nurturing a bond that transcends beyond petty fights and arguments.

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