I Miss You Poems For Her : Poems for Girlfriend

You are Missing a lot your girlfriend so much Don’t bother for her by sending text I Miss You Poems for Her to explain to her the sad feelings from your heart. Let your sad feelings write in words loneliness and heartbreak. Whether you are missing her use words send text Get Well Soon I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend her because she has moved to another city, gone overseas or for no reason at all read these poems use these word how much you are missing For Her. Write it down on greeting card, you can also post on your Facebook, text, tweet, Instagram or scribble it down on cute note. Do whatever it takes to know how Love Messages her boyfriend is craving for her hugs and kisses.

I Miss You Poems For Her

1) Every time I start missing you

I rue about not being together

I try to pacify myself by thinking

That the worst is already over

But no matter what I do

Loneliness casts gloom and Anniversary Wishes darkness

Like a raging and merciless tornado

It sucks away my life’s happiness

Just give me a hug and feel

My heart barely limping through

I’m not asking for a lot

All I need is you


2) There are moments when I feel delusional

There are times when I feel let down

There are days when I feel weak

Sometimes, my smiles are wiped off by frowns

Lost, dazed and confused, I Like You is what I feel

Almost like nursing a permanent flu

This is the state of my life right now

As I trip over how badly I’m missing you


3) My Facebook status right now is

I am sad and lonely

My latest WhatsApp status says

Come back to me quickly

My latest tweets shout out

I miss you very much

My Google Plus update is

I want your loving touch I Want You

You are aware of my feelings

And I know you are reading all this

So why don’t you do the right thing

Baby, come back and give me a kiss

4) How much I miss you

I simply cannot tell

It’s like, on me

You’ve cast a magic spell

Words are not enough

To convey my feelings

When you’re not around

Everything is irritating

I don’t know how much longer

I can keep going this way Miss You

Your hugs are all that my heart


5) As miserable as life seems

When you’re not with me

I can’t help but smile

Thinking about how it’ll be

When we meet again

With long and silent hugs

All my worries will melt away

When you give me those tugs

Oh, what would I give

For that moment to come sooner

You have no idea, how I

Desperately crave to be together

I Miss You


6) All my selfies are turning out to be pathetic

It’s like, the smile on my face has vanished

I can’t put up a facade, my smiles are gone

Because from my own life, I feel banished

Things have gone astray, I’m going crazy

Without you, things are not the same Happy Birthday

For all the ups and downs, all the hoopla

I know, I am the only one to blame

But now I want to set things straight

I promise, I’ll make up for every little thing

I know you are disappointed and dejected

But please, give me a chance to begin

I miss you I Love You

7) I don’t know how you’re coping up

With being hundreds of miles away

But I feel like a star in the sky

Fading away, day after day

It’s been too long since

The last time we were together

Without you, life means nothing to me

It feels like everything is over

I miss you I Am Sorry


8) So what if we just met

I still feel alone

Even a few hours apart

Makes my heart moan

Let’s start finding ways

In which we can be Sorry

Together all the time

I miss you, do you miss me?


9) I’m missing you now

I missed you before

I’ll keep missing you

My heart will go sore

It’s not my fault

What can I do

If I just can’t stop

Thinking about you

I feel like a lost puppy

Looking out for some TLC

In other words, I just

Want you to hug me



10) On the outside, I act

All macho and masculine

But I am broken

From deep within

At first sight, nothing

Seems to be wrong

But on introspection, my life

Feels like a sad song

Without you baby

Everything seems bleak

Come back soon

I’ve become very weak

I miss you

11) Your boyfriend is having a hissy fit

His heart is breaking bit by bit

You haven’t met him since a few days

Which is making him sad in many ways

He wants you to give him a hug

He also wants you to give him a kiss

Not tomorrow, but today

Hope you won’t disappoint, miss


12) Hey girl

I miss you so much

Hey sweetheart

I miss your sizzling touch

Hey baby

I miss looking at your face

Hey angel

I miss your embrace

Hey beautiful

I miss everything about you

When you get back

Lots of kisses will be due


13) I feel anxious and alone

I feel sad and restless

I feel irritated and annoyed

I feel deprived of happiness

All this and a lot worse

Is what I feel when we’re apart

From a deep red to a murky black

Has gone, the color of my heart

Missing you has created a void

Silent and painfully agonizing

When it comes to you

Baby, it’s all or nothing

I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend

14) Have you ever tasted

Tea without sugar

Have you ever tried

Bread without butter

Have you ever eaten

Chips without fish

You should try out this stuff

Is what I really wish

So that you come to know

What my life has become

Without you, I am

Incomplete and lonesome

I miss you

Life is full of unexpected situations. Sometimes we have to do what we don’t want to, for example, being apart from your partner. This is really hard, especially for girls. If you want to show your love to your girlfriend that how you are care for her, then look at these I miss you poems for her.If you are in a relationship and your girlfriend is not with you & you are missing her a lot. In this situation send your partner some distance relationship quotes and poems to say I Miss U Poems for girlfriend so much my sweetheart.

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