I Miss You Poems for Husband

Missing your husband so much, Express this lonely state of your heart by writing an I Miss You Poems for Husband. You can post it on your Facebook, or send it as a text do whatever it takes to show him that how much his wife is missing him to bits. Marriage is all about cherishing little life pleasures. From flirty sweet poems, incorporate the essence of puppy love in your I Miss U Poem for Husband. Whether he is away on business or spending long hours at work, your cute poems will make him want to drop everything and come Good Morning running back to take you into his arms. Use words to pour your feelings and make sure that time and distance never become barriers in your couple life.

I Miss You Poems for Husband

1) Nights don’t seem normal

When you are not beside me

Days don’t seem usual

When you are too busy

Afternoons become rotten

When you Good Night don’t answer your phone

Evenings turn bitter

When I sip on wine alone

Nothing is perfect

When your arm isn’t in mine

Without you darling

Nothing seems to be fine

I miss you


2) I miss you when

You come home late

I miss you when

You hang with your mates

I miss you when

You have an after work party

I miss you when

You are not at home with me

I miss you when

You have to work until late night

I miss you when

I have no one to hug tight

Come back soon

For I miss you

Without you darling

I just can’t make do


3) Monday and Tuesday

Have passed away

Wednesday and Thursday

Are on Anniversary  their way

Friday and Saturday

I’ll spend without you

Sunday is going to be

Oh so dull and blue

This week will pass

Along with a couple more

Spending so much time

Without you is such a bore

I miss you


4) When you leave

The house becomes lonely

It falls silent

Turning very eerie

It becomes spooky

Without Happy Birthday your presence

I get the shivers

In your absence

I miss you


5) I miss you

Waking up next to me

I miss sipping

On our morning coffee

I miss helping you

To undo your tie

I think I am

Going to cry

These small moments

That sum up life

Are being missed

By your loving wife

6) You are in

Another country

So far away

You are from me

I am in disoriented

In a different time zone

All by I Miss You myself

I am home alone

Come back home soon

To set everything right

I miss you a lot

Will all my might


7) You always seem occupied

Even on the weekends

Sometimes away for work

Other times, you are with friends

And when you are at home

We are always Iam sorry fighting

About our lives we are

Always complaining

I miss all those times when

We were happy and carefree

Let’s get back to being

The happy couple we’re meant to be

I miss you


8) Missing my husband

Has become my hobby

These days he never

Spends any time with me

I try to kill time

While he is at I Miss You work, busy

I want him to know

That I miss him terribly

9) I don’t just miss you

When you are at office

I miss you even when

I want a sweet kiss

I don’t just miss you

When I have nothing to do

Of you I am reminded

When I am blue

I miss you without

Having any reason

I miss you in

Every situation


10) If missing you was a hobby

I would be an expert

If missing you was a religion

I would become a convert

If missing you was a project

At it, I would excel

If missing you was a mission

I’d accomplish it well

If missing you was a job

I would be a pro

In short I miss you lots

Is all that I want you to know


I miss that vanilla

Scent of I Hate You your body

I miss that fragrance

With which you smother me

I miss that delicious

Musk cologne you wear

That handsome aroma

By which I always swear

Thinking of you gives me

A sensory overload

Come back to me soon

Before I explode


12) I hate it when

You are not home

With your boss

I want to pick a bone

He has no right

To make you work more

He has to know

For me it’s such a bore

How bad I miss you

Please tell him on my behalf

Ask him to Iam Sorry hire

Some more staff

I miss you


13) When you stepped out

Waving goodbye

It put my mood off

Making me cry

When you called to say

That you will be late

I kept waiting for you

Staring at the gate

Get back home soon

I miss you like hell

I will wait for Good Night you

To ring the doorbell

I miss you


14) It is not just me

Who is missing you

All the time our kids

Miss you badly too

Come back soon

We are all waiting

For a husband, a father

So loving, so caring

15) My heart cracks open

Splitting into two

I don’t know how to explain

How much I miss you

My heart bleeds profusely

When I miss you too much

For it desperately seeks

Your mesmerizing touch

I miss you


16) My stomach churns

My blood burns

My pulse plunges

My diet crashes

My balance crumbles

My health tumbles

Pain surges through me

When I think of you baby

I miss you


17) Get permission

From your boss

Cancel your travels

Even if it means a loss

I miss you too much

When you are away

At home, right beside me

I want you stay

I miss you


18) You are the reason

My life is fun

You are the reason

I get things done

Imagine how lost

I feel right now

Because you are away

I miss you and how


19) I miss you very much

Even when you leave for a while

When I don’t see you around

I just forget how to smile

I feel lonely and sad

When you are not with me

Please be by my side

So that I can be happy

I Miss You Poem for Husband

20) When you travel for work

I feel tired and sick

Meeting you online

Simply doesn’t click

When you’re away from me

From the inside, I feel sore

On a stupid webcam

I want to see Good Morning you no more

All I want right now

Is to get rid of this distance

You don’t know how bad

This is an experience

I miss you

All our items will help women express their true feelings they have to their husband. When you and your partner are far away from each other, it is a good idea to send one of our i miss you poem for Husband. This is just a simple thing to do but it can change the mood of your beloved man completely. It is not difficult at all to make your man feel special I Miss You Poems for Husband, Even if you can’t be together right now you should not forget that real love. Together you are strong Love is the only reason to live and go through all difficult lessons prepared by our destiny.

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