I’m born to express, not to impress.

Sometimes I want to treat people how they treat me But I don’t because It’s out of my character.

Beauty is only skin deep.Attitude is down to the bone.

There are two ways to be happy: Change your situation, or change your mindset towards it.

Enjoy your life today because yesterday had gone and tomorrow may never come.

Love is sweet when its new, but sweeter when its true.

A Man who truly loves you will be angry at you for so many things, but will never leave you.

i wish i could ignore you the way you ignore me.

A fake smile can hide millions of tears…

My weakness is that I care too much.

If you ever think I am ignoring you, I swear I am. My phone is in my hand 

No one stays with you permanently so learn to survive alone.

Just seeing your smile makes me feel better inside.

Over-thinking will destroy you.

Silent people have the greatest heart.

I’m a very private person. You don’t ask i don’t tell.

Self-trust is the first secret of success.

I am not your toy.

I can see the future , Let me give you a Clue , it’s ” ME + U “

You treated me like an option, so i left you like a choice

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