“Grow your relationship strong with love and honesty”

“A relationship is like a joyful ride, you will fight,  you will love and you will enjoy this beautiful ride”

“A simple lie can ruin the relationship”

“I don’t want a perfect relationship, I want a real and cute relationship”

“The best relationship is when you love her more than yourself “

“If you love each other you will go through the pain together and survive the darkest time in life together”

“In a relationship, you take the pain and share the happiness”

“Find someone special who fights for you, supports you and love you unconditionally”

“Stay with the person who fought for you in your bad times”

“The best relationship starts with friendship and last long as lovers”

“You love the person most with whom you fight the most”

“A true relationship shines when you connect your heart with each other”

“Be happy, not sad because your with someone who loves you”

“Trust is a key that relationship last long”

“Start smiling because you have somebody that cares about you and support you till the end”

“Share your pain with someone who understands you”

“The best relationship is when you trust each other like best friends and share secrets with each other”

“Relationships grow when you understand each other better”

“Take the pain and share the kindness and enjoy this beautiful relationship that you have”

“Beautiful relationship is like when you understand each others feeling from a smile”

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