Working hard to get what you want is success, enjoying what you worked for is happiness.

Don’t just think about it, do it.

Silence is another source of strength and focus.

The person inside me, no one born of a woman can degrade.

Some burdens are blessings waiting to explode.

It will look impossible to do, until it is done.

Team work will speed up and achieve wonderful results, there is strength in unity.

Calling for help, doesn’t necessarily mean you are weak.

One twig can break easily, but bundles of twigs is strong.

Science today, will evolve into the technology of the future.

Let your goals be priority, you stop when you get there.

When you continue to struggle and put in more effort, you will see growth.

We only save ourselves, we walk our own path, we do this, no one else, but our selves.

Maybe I am stronger than I think.

Never underestimate the returning duty of thanks.

You won’t know if you will win, if you don’t begin.

In most cases, holding on doesn’t make us strong, its letting go.

Millions have lived so well without love, but not one without water.

You don’t struggle, you don’t use strength.

Education is very powerful, with this weapon you can virtually change the world.

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