Happy Valentines Day​

Valentines Day

Heart Touching Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages for Mom.

“I’ve always loved you, and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.”

“And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, ’cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.”

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

“My heart is,
and always will be,

I hope I can make you as happy as you make me.

“It was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together.”

“I love our story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here.”

“I will love you my whole life. You and no other.”

With every breath in my body and every beat of my heart I know I will always love you.
Even after all this time, you still take my breath away.

“Baby, you’re all that I want when you’re lying here in my arms, I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in heaven.”

“You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.”

“Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever… and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you.”

I don’t know what my future holds but I know I want you in it.
I never thought I could fall as hard as I did with you.

“I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I’m sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck”

“It’s like, in that moment the whole universe existed just to bring us together.”

“I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

I may not always say it but know that I love you with all my heart.

Thank you for showing me what true love is – Happy Valentine’s Day